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In True Connection

Practice for Body-centred Psychotherapy & Personal Guidance

My Approach

I work according to the Core Energetics method, a process that transforms your life by bringing you into alignment with your own essence (your core). It helps you to explore who you truly are. It brings you in contact with the beauty of your real self.
When you are aligned with your inner self, you can face life in all kinds of circumstances.You will no longer look outside for solutions, for you will be connected to your own wisdom that knows how to deal with life's challenges in your own way.


Core Energetics is a form of body oriented psychotherapy. To live our full potential we need to be connected to our body, our emotions and our heart. The aim of body-centred work is to build resilience against stress factors on a psychological and physical level. It is important to become aware of the hidden attitudes and motivations and to face the negativity in us, the one that keeps us stuck. When our negativity is transformed over and over again, we show ourselves to the world from a position of love and compassion.
The work brings awareness to how we block energy in our bodies. Through the use of breathing techniques, physical movement and interpersonal relationships, self-awareness is created, transforming old wounds and personality patterns and increasing your potential to enjoy life.
It is dynamic, playful, creative, confronting and supports you in becoming fully who you really are. 
My Approach
About Me

About Me

Hi there, Welcome!

My name is Angela. I am originally from Spain and have been living in The Netherlands since July 2020. I started studying psychology because I have always been interested in human emotions, feelings and behaviour. I understand how these emotions and feelings are stored in our bodies and how we can bring old impressions back to consciousness through physical movement.

In 2019 I joined the Core Energetics Institute of The Netherlands and I am currently a therapist in training.

My intention is to help you see and feel yourself more clearly, to find your own truth, to guide you in your process of living a more fulfilling life in alignment with your true essence, overcoming obstacles and challenges in connection with your heart.
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The Session Fee


First session - Intake: 25€

1 hour session: 60€

1'5 h session: 85€

*I offer sessions in English & Spanish

*I offer a 20 minutes call for free to answer questions before the intake session

*Cancelling an appointment must be done at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise the fee will still be charged

KVK number: 91853265


Get in Touch

If you're interested in finding out more about my therapy services or if you're just curious but hesitant about reaching out, take the risk and contact me. I am always happy to answer your questions.

Angela Utrera

Het Lichtruim 

 Planetenplein 2

3721 LH   Bilthoven


Tel/WhatsApp: 0634 198 925


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